By Embracing Self...

 We honor our “self”… every aspect of our basic needs and accept we must love our self...

When we honor our "Self" as an individual we honor every aspect of our basic needs and, in the process, we accept that we must love our "self". 

Let's look at the fundamental qualities that belong to our "self" uniqueness. How do we define these qualities?

We develop a clear sense of our "self" based on our life experiences. Our view of our "self" is: why we do things… how we think… and how we see our "self"… and become our authentic "self". Our "self" is complex. We have two types of self - the self we call the ego and the Self which we call our "True Self" or our "Observing Self".

We are blessed to have the ability to look at our "self"  both as individuals and how we impact our world.

So, who we are and what is our own importance?

Locally? Nationally? Globally?